Welcome to forum of Slavic Unity.

We believe in few things. All slavs just like the other people have rights to freedom of speech stopes only by morality. So we have rights to organize our meetings and to unify in spirit of free will, without restrictions.

Also we can have own slavic forum, like this. Where people from all over world, interested with slavic culture, languages, nations and other topics can debate abou all this things. Join them now, and write your opinion. In addition they can be involved to our newest projects-wiki, slovioski and YouTube. Members of Slovioski project are make the really panslavic language. Based on slavic languages, slovianski and slovio. This is not a another dead foreign language, but living language. Or one could rather say - a dialect of your own language: czech, bulgarian, belorussian, serbocroatian (or serb and croatian, if you wish), slovak, slovenian, russian, ukrainian, polish , slovenian... Active members of jutub proekt are making a movies for YouTube portal. Wiki is a short from wikipedia, because we want a start a wikipedia writed in slovianski. Read the forum for more info.

As well we belive to we have rights call to geographical areas where a members of slavonic nations live in majority-Slavia.

Of course, because we strongly believe in freedom of speech you can join us and write whatever you want. However remember we may not agree with things you'll write, and delete it. We believe that our idea is positive one, not negative. We want to be united because we all believe we are joined by strong cultural and historical ties - because we share positive values. We are not, will not and want not to be united by hatred or disdain to others.

Please also remember that most countries have laws directed against racism, fascism etc. If you write rascist words, it will cost you nothing, you can be anonymous - but we are paying for this site, we contributed here our love, time and money. Our site could be shut down because of your irresponsibility. Therefore, we reserve ourselves right to remove content which we would consider incompatible with our ideology and in most extreme cases even to BAN some users.

Druzina sajtu.